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Piccolo's AKC Standard Poodles

URO2 CH Piccolo's Thomas Magnus PI RN RI TKN TKI BCAT DCAT FCAT CGCA STAR Puppy Total Dog VCX (Magnus)

Magnus was born 10/14/18 from Am CH UGRCH UROC UCD UAGII Jed's e e cummings Colando VCD2 BN CDX JH RAE2 RM THD WCX CGC (CKC) TD UTDX RE CD and URO3 CH Piccolo’s Gilded Paige RN RA TKN SN-C VCX CHIC. He is a loving, happy boy. He has effortless movement with lovely carriage. He has a dense coat quality in a rich dark brown color with genotype bbEe. He is 25" at the shoulder and weighs about 60 pounds. In Magnus' 6-generation pedigree, there are almost 100 performance titles (obedience, rally, agility, therapy, hunting, tracking, herding, tricks, versatility, etc) and 40 conformation Champions! His pedigree can be found at although keep in mind that all titles may not be updated in this public database.  

He has begun OFA/CHIC/VGL health testing. He has been certified by the OFA for his eyes, thyroid, and dentition. He has been tested normal and clear for progressive retinal atrophy, rod-cone dysplasia type 4 progressive retinal atrophy, Von Willebrand's Disease, Neonatal Encephalopathy, and Degenerative Myelopathy. His OFA health testing link is His VGL BetterBred testing link is  

Magnus has earned the following titles and awards:

  • AKC RN and RI rally obedience
  • AKC TKN and TKI trick dog title
  • AKC BCAT, DCAT, and FCAT Fast CAT title
  • AKC CGC and CGCA titles
  • AKC STAR Puppy certificate
  • UKC URO1 and URO2 rally obedience titles
  • UKC Championship title
  • UKC Total Dog award which "displays equal parts Function, Temperament, and Structure. A sound, well-bred, well-adjusted dog can easily transition from the show ring to a performance event. They have the looks to excel as a proper specimen of their breed, while also having the brains and ability to perform athletically in a variety of sporting events."
  • Versatility Certificate Excellent Award for his performance in conformation, obedience, rally, temperament, and health testing.

He lives with his Guardian handler Renee Decker. He is owned and bred-by Evelyn Comer.