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Piccolo's AKC Standard Poodles

Photo Gallery

Pedigrees/Reports/Certificates Pedigrees/Reports/Certificates Penny pedigree Penny pedigree 57998332 Penny CGC certificate Penny CGC certificate 120727121 Penny CD title certificate Penny CD title certificate 58000373 Penny RN title certificate Penny RN title certificate 58000375 Penny RA title certificate Penny RA title certificate 58000553 Penny CDX title certificate Penny CDX title certificate 105681182 Penny CHIC certification Penny CHIC certification 57998328 Penny OFA hips Penny OFA hips 58003623 Penny OFA thyroid Penny OFA thyroid 58000602 Penny OFA cardiac Penny OFA cardiac 58003624 Penny OFA Sebaceous Adenitis Penny OFA Sebaceous Adenitis 59310177 Penny CERF eye Penny CERF eye 58000603 Maxwell pedigree Maxwell pedigree 58003622 Maxwell CD title certificate Maxwell CD title certificate 58633703 Maxwell RN title certificate Maxwell RN title certificate 58000600 Maxwell RA title certificate Maxwell RA title certificate 76905388 Maxwell RE title certificate Maxwell RE title certificate 120729096 Maxwell CDX title certificate Maxwell CDX title certificate 120729095 Maxwell CHIC certification Maxwell CHIC certification 64635220 Maxwell OFA hips Maxwell OFA hips 66094504 Maxwell OFA thyroid Maxwell OFA thyroid 58633702 Maxwell CERF eye Maxwell CERF eye 62498032 Pepper pedigree Pepper pedigree 113253606 Pepper RN title certificate Pepper RN title certificate 83353080 Pepper CGC certificate Pepper CGC certificate 120727122 Pepper CHIC certification Pepper CHIC certification 120727123 Pepper CERF eye 2009 Pepper CERF eye 2009 58000601 Pepper CERF eye 2010 Pepper CERF eye 2010 97160931 Pepper OFA cardiac Pepper OFA cardiac 97160930 Pepper OFA thyroid Pepper OFA thyroid 100413256 Pepper cardiac exam Pepper cardiac exam 95495295 Pepper OFA hips Pepper OFA hips 120727125 Pepper OFA elbows Pepper OFA elbows 120727124 Pedigree for Danny and Pepper puppies, born 11/16/10, red signifies AKC titled dog and/or health testing Pedigree for Danny and Pepper puppies, born 11/16/10, red signifies AKC titled dog and/or health testing 110011273